Are you a dreamer of becoming a makeup artist, but are unsure about your career options? This is a field that can’t be tied to a monotony of processes or stereotypes. You may be a professional in many fields, but you will still be known for your chosen field. Creative fields are not guaranteed to offer a wide range of opportunities. As fame is based on your ability to make it big, you will need to learn as much as possible. Here’s a breakdown of the most common trade traits and what you can expect from them.


You may think that this is enough for a makeup artist so why do we need a sub-heading? You’ll learn more about it later in this article. These are the people that you think of as makeup artists. These are your salon’s aestheticians and sales facilitators at exclusive salons, malls, and departmental stores. These jobs require full-time hours and formal training. Pay can vary greatly, and even reach up to 50K per monthly.

Performance and Theatrics

As important as script and theme are, makeup is just as important as the showbiz. Show business does not only refer to TV and film, but also politicians who use their services for camera-ready poses. Costume and makeup are the heart and soul for a character, as you might have imagined while watching your favourite actors on film. Theatrics, however, is the most common. This is the place to be if you are looking to increase your career challenges. This will require you to be able to control the camera’s appearance and live appearance. You must also know how to modulate the images under changing lighting. But, you need not do too much and keep the essence of the character. As scenes and plots develop, you will also need to be able to transform art in just a few strokes. The pay is unlimited.

Marketing and Development Manager

It is difficult to keep the products flowing so customers return for more. To project a corporate image and forecast trends, you can apply for a job. You would have to manage marketing interests, determine what consumers want and create solutions accordingly.

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