I previously shared 4 strategies that can help you win in sports betting.

The number one strategy is to have access to winning picks. Anybody can pick sporting events. If you wish, you can flip a coin. You already know what the result of flipping a coin is and how the juice will kill you.

In the past, I picked my own sports events and realized after much loss of money that I wasn’t very good at it. Actually, I would be correct about 38-40% of time. If you’ve ever been involved in We1Win you know that this kind of winning percentage is not very good.

After losing all my money on my own picks, I was determined to find a way of getting winning picks. This is when I discovered professional handicappers.

Although professional handicappers can be a great source of winning picks, here’s the problem. It is important to be able find reliable handicappers who actually do what they claim. Many handicappers claim to have huge winning percentages in We1Win

The truth is that a great sports betting handicapper only works around 58-60% of all the time. The good ones won’t give you accurate sports picks of 75 to 80%, no matter what they say. They might have run records they can back up an outrageous claim. They forgot to mention the same streak of losing picks.

Although handicappers can be a great source of picks, you need to make sure they are trustworthy and aren’t promising the world. It can be difficult to find the best handicapper because they can be quite expensive.

Remember that handicappers are just as interested in your money as your bookie. You must be careful not lose any money during a sports betting wager.

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