The MLS has been viewed by many as a failure. But they are not. They are doing great things to promote live football in America. They have had to overcome many challenges and obstacles, but they are doing much better than ever. They recently signed Thierry Henry to play for the NY Red Bulls. This is comparable to bringing David Beckham here, though Becks can still sell the league without soccer or with his looks.

Is it possible to bring these top-notch soccer players to the league from the MLS? These guys are talented and have had amazing careers. These guys are based on their past. Although they’ve tried many different things, this idea is based on what has worked in the past. This idea worked well when Pele and other great players arrived in the USA to play.

I am a huge soccer fan. Seeing David Beckham or Thierry Henry play is something that interests me. That is something I have to admit. I was not the type of person to think about going to an MLS match, but I may reconsider this now that I live close enough to the Red Bulls’ home. This idea could work for already-sold soccer fans. I am familiar with Thierry Henry, but what about casual soccer fans?

Good news for the MLS: There are many soccer fans like me. The MLS needs more. Fans are outraged by this decision, claiming that Henry and Beckham no longer care. They play for Arsenal, Real Madrid and Manchester United. How could they possibly care? They’re athletes, and they know that there’s no other way than to work hard. It’s a good thing I hope they have this mentality, or it won’t work.

Thierry Henry is one the most well-known players in the World. If you travel to Europe, he’s at the same level with a Derek Jeter and a Dwayne Wade. Although he’s now a bit older, he was once the best player in the world. This may be something that a casual soccer fan might not realize. Are they even aware of his identity? Are they even interested?

They are also casual fans who have the potential to be hardcore fans. Although they may have played soccer as children, they don’t understand the whole game. They can’t see the entire game except for the ball. They can still watch the game and have fun. These fans will probably spend more money on a baseball or basketball game than they would on the basketball.

This is a rare situation that the MLS has been challenged. The number one sport in nearly every country around the world is soccer. The MLS must compete with an audience that has been sold on the NBA and MLB, NFL, NHL, and even NHL. This problem is not present in other countries, which is why professional soccer can work even in smaller ones.

The MLS has made great strides. They have done so much for the sport and deserve a lot of credit. Their formula will work if they are able to reach the younger generation and provide more stars to look up too. They’ve done a fantastic job marketing Landon Donovan. They’re doing great, even though it’s a long-term process.

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