When we think of the roles of an interior designer in mumbai contractor, architect and interior designer as the main ingredients in a sandwich, you’ll need to grab the two main ingredients and the spread/secondary to create the perfect interior designer sandwich.

Why can’t all professionals look at the same shopping list together? The number one priority is a plan that coordinates every layer and creates the best interior designer sandwich. Let’s see how it goes. It’s perfect! Two slices of bread (architect, contractor), functional layers with mouth-watering spatial arrangements (interior designer), and topped off with decorative furniture and colourful (interior decorator). We are salivating in anticipation of the final reveal.

Is there a DIY enthusiast who believed they could do a project by simply taking photos and buying the products from a list. Then, what if they found that making their sandwich was more difficult than it appears? You betcha!

My role as interior designer may be exaggerated, but we do play a part in the mediation between the contractor and architect. They are, however, wonderful slices of bread. The homeowner can choose the lettuce and spread that best inspires them. However, the interior designer picks the elements that bring them together to create the inspiration. Yes, there may be some cross-over between professions (e.g. Although they all work together to achieve the vision, there may be overlap or dual responsibilities (e.g. architect/interior designer, interior designer/decorator and contractor/design).

Working with an architect to choose the best bread type, i.e. The interior designer works with the architect to create the shell that will satisfy your appetite. It’s like this: If the contractor and the architect don’t know how you’ll be using the walls, how will they coordinate their functional choices and ideas to make the interiors more pleasing?

Part of my interior design sandwich involves specifying products that can be grown locally, in organic conditions, and that can be enjoyed by everyone living in the home. It’s a healthy sandwich that tastes great and is good for you. It’s a healthy, green-friendly meal that uses sustainable products and is accessible to all family members. Plus, the sandwich presentation by my interior designer enhances the families palette preferences. The plates are arranged to match the ambience inside the residential shell.

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