You must have good marketing skills to sell yourself to employers. Your skills, accomplishments, knowledge, and experience will be highlighted in this section. The employer will take 20-30 seconds to scan your resume. When creating a resume, remember to be concise, clear, and attractive.

A freelance is not meant to be a compact document that you can squeeze in everything. You should consider these basic principles when creating a resume. The first step is to determine the type of resume that you want. Chronological is a listing that shows your continuous and upward-moving education and experiences. Functional type is more about your work experience and skills.

Next, consider how long your resume should be. Some people prefer a one-page resume. It all depends on your relevant experience. A resume should be at least one page and a quarter or two pages full. A resume should be concise. It’s a matter of how much information you should share. It doesn’t mean you have to share everything. Only include information that may be relevant or helpful to the job for which you are applying.

Employers pay attention to the physical appearance of your resume. Employers will prefer a well-designed resume to one that is too cluttered or tight. The most important information should be placed at the top so that the reader can easily find it. You should prioritize the information that makes sense and is relevant when arranging it. Although there is no set design rule for resumes, it is important to keep them professional looking and easy to read.

How do you start a resume? First, you need to write everything down. The next step is to make sure it’s all written with the correct grammar and layout. You need to pay attention to the font size and style, margins and spacing (enough for characters to breathe), bullets, and emphasis (which should be boldfaced). Use past tense to refer to past experiences when writing. Avoid lengthy paragraphs and avoid abbreviations. Avoid repeating the same words repeatedly.

Final tip: Make sure your resume is proofread and corrected before you submit it. There may be several versions of your resume. You can choose which one you like visually. Ensure that you have someone else read it. It’s a good idea to read it from another perspective.

It is not as difficult as you might think. It’s your experience, so it shouldn’t be difficult. Your resume should always be in progress. Keep it up-to-date.

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