Why is it that over 98% people who bet on sports lose money every day?

You can place sports bettors in the following 5 groups:

The Ego Bettor
The feeling of superiority that this https://k8viva.com/giong-ga-choi/ gets from beating his bookie is what drives him. Money is secondary.

The Gambler
The thrill of taking on risk is what drives this bettor. He is addicted to gambling, and he wouldn’t gamble if he wasn’t betting on sports.

The Strategist
The strategic aspect of beating an online sportsbook is what this bettor really enjoys.
They often play other games like chess.
Place more money on the process than the final outcome.

The Social Bettor
This is why bettor betting is so popular and everyone seems to be doing this. They are motivated primarily by their desire to be like their peers.

The Money Bettor
The bettor is only in it for the money. He is willing to take on any challenge to win and has set aside his ego.
Which group are you in? ?

Let’s concentrate on the 2% of online bettors, aka bookie-buster, that beat the bookie every time. These are the people who make a lot of money online and become wealthy quickly.

Why are they so successful in sports betting, while you only dream of making the same money?

The simple answer is that they possess a rare combination of traits that are rarely found in human nature.

These are the ‘winning’ characteristics

Do not bet just for the thrill of it, but instead bet on sports that you feel passionate about.

No emotional involvements
If you have doubts, don’t place your bets on your favorite or local team. It’s not possible to love business. It’s all about money in business. Emotions can cost you money and impact your judgement.

Learn Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Do not bet on sports you don’t know much about, just because you are good at one or two sports.

Do not be ashamed to ask for advice
Ask people who have succeeded in online sports betting if you want to be successful.

Maintain good karma
You get what you give. You can help others if they helped you on your path to success.

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