How do you know if an online Internet Marketing Review has been authenticated? It doesn’t mean that one software will make you millionaire. Many Internet marketing product review websites allow users to post with fake names or handles like Starlifter7, WookieMan, or other nonsensical ones.

How do you know if they are not reviewing their product? Or engaging in “buzz marketing”, which is illegal according to the FTC. It is just another form hype or misleading advertising. While you are reading this article let me talk about the “Internet Product Reviews” websites and share my findings.

First, you should not believe anyone who tells you they have made a million dollars. They could easily make a million dollars by using their methods. Or they could double or triple their efforts to make three. Do you see the point? That’s what you should.

A second reason is that if someone does not leave their name then their book, software, or product review can’t be considered 100% factual. You should also know that you shouldn’t believe everything you read online – you have probably heard this famous quote:

So, what does this mean for the Internet? It is only 50% legit because you are reading it. These aren’t good odds for online product reviews on internet marketing products. It’s not the fake review that you are reading.

Third, many competitors will post negative reviews about products online, claiming that they are faulty, unsatisfactory service or bad product marketing. It happens, of course. Overall, I would consider the 30% overall rating and product reviews on the internet to be factual. It just doesn’t seem worth taking that risk. If you’re like me and you go online to research products before you make a purchase, be aware that the information you read is not always the truth, complete or accurate. Consider this.

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