The government plays a major role in providing education for its citizens. Since 1980, Pakistan has seen many changes. The nation is gradually becoming more Western-like due to recent policy changes. Pakistan is losing its social democracy status rapidly. Unfortunately, the so-called “economic restructuring” that is taking place in Pakistan is also having negative effects on its school system and students. Analyzing the changes to Pakistan’s education system can help us track neoliberalism’s growth rate in the country. Privatization of education is the transfer of taxpayers’ funds designated for public education to luxuries by the Government, corporations, or individuals, instead of public schools, colleges and universities. The government should provide free education facilities for the middle and poor to enable them to access quality education.

Undisputedly, government is created by the common man. The government exists to protect and ensure the will of the people. Contrary to our will, nearly all of our living costs, including education, are now blatantly rigged in our favor. A large portion of our tax ends up in the hands of politicians. The past five years of experience has shown that the majority of our tax money does not go into our community. It is going into the pockets and leadership of billionaires – it is absurd. They have orchestrated a financial coup that has brought war to our doorstep. They have started a war against the Pakistani middle class and lower classes. They have made it impossible for the masses to access affordable, quality education. The fees for private and self-finance public institutions are high, so those who cannot afford them can’t afford them. Education, whether private or self-financing, is essential to restoring our country’s prosperity. Not only are the wealthy able to afford it, but so do lower and middle class families with brilliant children. Financial problems can cause a lot more stress than they need. Students may feel depressed and even consider suicide. Our leaders, our country!

After the 1980s, the state of Pakistan’s educational system started to decline and eventually collapse. The so-called reforms that were implemented in Pakistan have had a dramatic impact on the educational system. There are many signs that Pakistan’s ability to afford quality education is at risk. The neoliberal globalization has made Pakistan’s education system vulnerable. Neo-liberalism views the educational institutions more as a commodity exchange or commercial body than as an academic institution or means for social and national integration.

It is widely accepted that education levels in each country are directly related to their development. A country with more people having access to education has greater potential to grow. The government must spend a significant amount of its budget in order to provide high-quality education for its citizens. The Government should help public institutions promote accessibility, affordability, and attainment of education, including higher education. This includes reducing costs, providing value to poor families, and preparing students for success in their chosen careers with high-quality education. Higher education should not be considered a luxury, but a necessity that all responsible and hardworking students can afford.

Today’s educational system was created to satisfy the needs of government in order to support neoliberal agenda. These changes have been allowed to pass by political leaders. This is affecting the quality of education. Students feel the pressure to score well and teachers have to deal with the uncertainty and ambiguity of how to reach the goals and standards set forth by the state. This has had adverse effects on Pakistan’s educational system, which have a negative impact on students, teachers, and communities. The Government and our educationists have not done anything to improve the quality of Pakistan’s educational system.

Our corrupt political elite doesn’t want the common man to have a world-class education. This is the bitter truth. The PPP Government wants to destroy the HEC’s achievements in absolute terms and systematically erase them. After education becomes more commercialized, the poor are more marginalized. Our children want to be educated but cannot afford university tuition because it is too expensive for them. Pakistan needs highly educated individuals to manage the political dynamic that is growing. We shouldn’t be considering the possibility of outsourcing decision-making to foreign forces just because we don’t have enough people who are qualified to plan Pakistan’s policies. Accessible higher education is essential to achieve this goal. It should also focus its efforts on villages. It should also open more schools and hire more teachers.


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