The foundation is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a bridal look. A good foundation is essential for any artist. The same goes for makeup artists. Airbrush technology is becoming more popular among makeup artists. It can be used to create flawless makeup for weddings and for TV and movie use.

The bride can achieve the flawless celebrity look with airbrush wedding makeup artist near me. Two aspects of airbrush makeup will give you the perfect coverage.

First, the foundation is built in a fine mist layer and can then be seamlessly blended.
Second, the foundation formulas for airbrush are made with microground pigments that provide a much better coverage than regular foundation. It also drys instantly, giving you a powder finish that lasts for a few seconds.

Airbrush wedding makeup can cover even the most severe imperfections, such as scarring or rosacea. There are certain companies offering paramedical airbrush foundations designed specifically for hiding hard-to-cover problems and are regularly used in films (ever wonder how Angelina’s many tattoos come and go in different films?…Airbrushing).

Airbrushing wedding makeup creates a perfectly even foundation. Clear canvas. This allows the makeup artist to create a flawless complexion, which will allow them to do the essential contouring. Because there will be so many photos taken, contouring is essential for bridal makeup. Without it, a bride’s face won’t look as dimensionless in the photographs. The beauty of airbrush makeup is that it can create flawless contours without looking too forced or uneven as with manual contouring.

Airbrush technology has evolved to include blushers, highlighters, and even lip-tints.

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